Every Dog has A Unique Nose Print

Did you know- unique nose print

Indeed. Every dog has a unique nose print equivalent to a human finger print and human iris.

Dog collar tags is one way to identify the lost dog. Since the collar tags can be easily lost or stolen, researchers discover that there is another way to identify the dog’s identity by its nose print.

If you look closely at the dog’s nose, you will see lines or ridges just like the human fingerprint. Since 1938, the Canadian kennel club has been accepting dog nose prints as proof of identity.

How to check out your own dog’s nose?

To check out your own dog’s nose, put some food coloring on the nose of the dog and then press the paper pad gently to the nose of the dog. Remember, do not use stamp pad or ink from the ball pen or marker pen, because dog licks their noses. We will use something which is 100% safe to our dogs. Try checking the nose print of your dogs and compare the differences.

Software to identify an animal

Megvii, a Chinese technology company that studies and designs image processing recognition or artificial intelligence. As reported by Abacus News, the company develops a software to trained to recognize the dogs by their nose print just like how a biometric recognition do.

Using the Megvii app, the company says it can register your dog by scanning the snout and taking clear pictures in the different angle using your smartphone camera. Then analyze the patterns of the snout to determine the identification marker just like how a smartphone scan the fingerprint. This method has an accuracy rate of 95%.

The United States also have an application called Finding Rover. It is a free app that uses facial recognition to help owners to identify and easily find their dogs and cats. According to Finding Rover, this method has an accuracy rate of 98%.

There also animals that have a unique nose print like pigs, cats and cattle. Some animals have a unique identity like zebra has a unique stripe, mouse has a unique ear and bat has a unique wing.

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